Television in Saudi Arabia was introduced in 1964, however, dominated by just 5 major companies: urban center TV, realm Broadcasting Center,SM Enterprise TV , Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, Rotana and Saudi TV. Together, they management eightieth of the pan-Arabee ENJ broadcasting market. although private tv stations cannot operate from Saudi soil, the country might be a significant marketplace for pan-Arab satellite and pay-TV. Saudi investors ar behind the key networks MBC, that depends in Dubai, and Emirates based OSN. although satellite dishes square measure formally prohibited since 1990, Saudi Arabia has the second highest satellite TV penetration inside the Arab Region, at 97%, and there ar eighty 5 free-to-air satellite channels headquartered in Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi government estimable that in 2000 the common Saudi spent 5 hundredth to one hundred pc longer viewing tv than his or her European or U.S.A. counterpart. On average, 2.7 hours ar spent daily viewing TV in Saudi Arabia.
The pay-TV market in Saudi Arabia is small, with a penetration estimable at twenty 1st. Al Jazeera Sports is one in all the foremost vital pay-TV players in terms of subscriptions, with a market share of fifty 9. attributable to this absence of cinema inside the country, pay TV penetration is anticipated to increase.
The terrestrial broadcast sector in Saudi Arabia is state-owned through the Ministry of Culture and data. The state-run Broadcasting Services of the dominion of Saudi Arabia operates most domestic broadcasting retailers. State-run tv consists of four channels: Saudi One, the foremost channel in Arabic launched in 1963 Saudi a pair of, Associate in Nursing English channel; Al capital of Saudi Arabia, a sports channel; and additionally the news channel Al Ekhbariya.
Government-owned terrestrial tv has changed little since 1969. Its programming remains predominantly focused on tutorial, diversion, and spiritual subjects. Reruns of Arabic-language cinema, considerably Egyptian movies, are also broadcast. Political content aside from official government announcements has remained relatively restricted.

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