Russian could be a Balto-Slavonic of the Indo-European family. it’s a lineal descendant of the language utilized in Kievan Rus’. From the purpose of read of the speech, its nighest relatives square measure Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Rusyn, the opposite 3 languages within the East Slavic cluster. In several places in japanese and southern country and throughout Byelorussia, these languages square measure spoken interchangeably, and in sure areas ancient bilingualism resulted in language mixtures like Surzhyk in japanese country and Trasianka in Byelorussia. AN East Slavic recent urban center non-standard speech, though nonexistent throughout the fifteenth or sixteenth century, is usually thought-about to possess vie a major role within the formation of contemporary Russian. conjointly Russian has notable lexical similarities with Bulgarian owing to a standard Church Slavonic influence on each languages, also as attributable to later interaction within the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, though Bulgarian descriptive linguistics differs markedly from Russian. within the nineteenth century, the language was usually referred to as "Great Russian" to tell apart it from Belarusian, then referred to as "White Russian" and Ukrainian, then referred to as "Little Russian".
The vocabulary (mainly abstract and literary words), principles of word formations, and, to some extent, inflections and literary sort of Russian are conjointly influenced by Church Slavonic, a developed and part russified variety of the South Slavic recent Church Slavonic language utilized by the Greek Orthodox Church. However, the East Slavic forms have attended be used completely within the varied dialects that square measure experiencing a fast decline. In some cases, each the East Slavic and therefore the Church Slavonic forms square measure in use, with many alternative meanings. For details, see Russian phonemics and History of the Russian language.
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