Liga Super Malaysia

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The Liga Super Malaysia or Malaysian Super League is Malaysia’s number one most popular football tournament as it brings together the top 12 teams competing to win a prestigious title called the Malaysian Super League Championship.

JDT continues to dominate Super League rivals.
However, the Liga Super Malaysia trophy has not changed hands since the presence of the country’s giant football, Johar Darul Azim (JDT) team, as JDT dominates the Super League championship during your participation in this tournament. For the record, JDT defended the Super League Championship which they held for eight consecutive seasons starting in 2014, followed by 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and most recently 2021.

The strength of the JDT team has a positive impact on the Malaysian football scene.
Although supporters of other teams envy the JDT’s success, it instead has a positive impact on the football scene in the country and at the same time promotes Super League competition as each team joins the JDT. Will do her best to provide the best team to challenge. To win the league championship.

Fans and supporters expect tough competition between the 2022 Liga Super Malaysia teams.
For the new season of Liga Super Malaysia 2022, football fans and fans expect tough competition in the Super League 2022 tournament, especially the championship of Malaysian Super League for Sabah FC and Negeri Sembilan FC. On a winning mission. Super League JDT

Preparing the team to face the challenges of the 2022 Liga Super Malaysia
Based on each team’s preparations for the 2022 Liga Super Malaysia, football fans and fans across the country expect the 2022 Super League title battle to be even more intense than the 2021 season.

The teams in question are seen as the ones who have prepared themselves the best way to compete in the new season by holding training sessions and friendly matches abroad, as well as the Liga Super champions from the JDT team. She wants to make her dream come true.

Liga Super Malaysia 2022 Results Latest Standing and Match Schedule
The platform will connect local football fans with information so that they can get all the information about the official results of the match (official results) as well as the final position in the table and the results as per the schedule of the Liga Super Malaysia. Malaysia 2022, which match date/day will be updated.

Malaysian Super League 2022 results and latest match schedule
The results of each competing team’s Super League 2022 will be updated on the day of each match based on the official results of the Malaysian Football League (MPL).

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