Afghanistan TV

The state-owned Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) launched the first TV channel in Afghanistan, after the completion of a feasibility study under grant aid from Japan, construction work of the studio and transmitter buildings was finished by August 1978. During the 1980s, many Soviet programs were airing such as the children’s show Nu Pogodi!. The studios of RTA were also often used by musicians to record music videos.

History Of Afghanistan TV

From 1992 onward television went into decline as a result of the war in Kabul, destroying infrastructure. During the Taliban government between 1996 and 2001, television was strictly banned and stores selling TVs, satellite dishes, VCRs, or other similar technology entertainment devices were closed. Anyone owning or watching TV was arrested and punished. The national television broadcaster was closed down, whilst private broadcasters’ buildings and studios were smashed by the regime’s police. A smaller territory that was controlled by the Northern Alliance in the country’s northeast province of Backhanded had a television channel financed by the Northern Alliance that broadcast, with a weak signal, news, and movies to approximately 5,000 people in the city of Fayzabad. The station had a large library of movies and documentaries on VHS and Betamax for broadcasting, and the American movie First Blood was reportedly the most favored by watchers.

When the Karzai administration came to power in December 2001, Afghanistan’s earliest television channel was relaunched. Later, Tolo and Shamshad TV became one of the first commercial TV stations in the country[4] and laid the foundation for an accessible media outlet by offering a large library of shows.

In 2014, Afghanistan launched a pact with Eutel sat for a satellite, which was launched in 2014 as Afghan sat 1 and transmits TV channels.

As of 2019, Afghanistan has over 200 local and international television channels, 96 in Kabul and 107 in other provinces of the country.

Afghan TV

Afghan TV is a business TV channel, situated in Kabul, Afghanistan since 21 May 2004. The station is claimed by Ahmed Shah Afghanzai, an Afghan business visionary. It initially broadcast for 18 hours every day, except has been 24 hours since July 2004.

Afghan TV has numerous diversion programs, including game, social and instructive. It likewise has Indian, American, Korean, and Arabic dramatization. It likewise communicates news, despite the fact that this is additionally communicated 24 hours every day on its sister channel, Afghan News.

In mid-2006, the station was fined 50,000 AFN (Afghani) (roughly US$1,000) by the Afghan Supreme Court, after it had communicated what the court called wrong pictures, including grown-up substances.

The case was broadcast by Afghan TV and was covered widely by other news sources, be that as it may, the incredible pastorate in the nation prevailing in instating the fine on Afghan TV, yet additionally seriously confining the capacity of other telecom companies to communicate diversion.

1TV (Afghan)

1TV Persian is an Afghan exclusive business TV slot, dispatched in February 2010. It is claimed by Fahim Hashimy and is the biggest working unit of gathering One Media, which is situated in Kabul.

1TV is known for its solid, free news and current undertakings programming, with universally acclaimed substance, for example, “The Mask”, “Kabul Debate Live” and daily hard-hitting current issues arrangement. 1TV transmissions News consistently for the duration of the day and daily reports (World at 5 in Pashto) and (World at in Dari.)

1TV is additionally known for its Forceful local effort and appealing programming as per a July 2010 statistical surveying concentrate by Altai Consulting.

1TV arrives at a huge level of exceptionally taught and prosperous watchers, focusing on 20-to-30-and-30-to-40-year-olds, and a more noteworthy portion of the working class watchers.

Notwithstanding its obligation to non-sectarian news and data, 1TV produces well-known unique programming, for example, Shabkhand on Thursdays and Fridays with Asef Jalali, one of Afghanistan driving characters; “The Daily Show a live workday evening syndicated program committed to engaging ladies; The Cooking Show,” likewise a day by day live program exhibiting the best in Afghan food.

The Shpageeza Cricket League is communicated live on 1TV.

1TV is going to make a big appearance early evening authorized arrangements, as a team with driving global creation studios in Hollywood and London.

Payam-e-Afghan TV

Payam-E-Afghan TV is an Afghan-driven satellite telecom company situated in Los Angeles, California. It dispatched in 2007 and broadcasts news, music, and amusement shows in basically the Persian and Pashto dialects. It is a channel possessed and upheld monetarily by Omar Khattab.

In 2008, the station opened up in Europe. It as of now communicates on Eutelsat 7B 7°E and on Hot Bird 13°E.

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