Copa Argentina 2022

Copa Argentina 2022 (renamed Copa Argentina 2022 “AXION Energy” for sponsorship reasons) is the twelfth edition of the competition organized by the Argentine Football Association and the tenth in its new phase. The champion of the tournament will qualify for the 2023 Copa Libertadores.

There are 64 teams in the final stage of the competition: 26 who competed for the 2021 First Division title; 1st National Championship 2021 Best 8 plus top 7 teams from Zone A & B; The top 6 teams in the overall standings of the 2021 Primera B Championship, the top 5 teams in both zones of the 2021 Federal Tournament A, the top 4 teams in the overall standings of the 2021 Primera C Championship and the top 3 teams in the overall standings of the 2021 First Championship D. 12.

The draw took place on 22nd December 2021 at the AFA premises in Ezeiza city.

Copa Argentina Development House

The table highlights those who made it to the preliminary stages (in this case the regular tournaments of each category): twenty-six teams that participated in the 2021 First Division Championship, fifteen from the First National, sixteen from the Third Division (six from the Federal First B and ten from Tournament A, four from Fourth Division (First C) and three from Fifth Division (First D).

Copa Argentina 64 Teams

Sixty-four teams participated in this stage: twenty-six from First Division, fifteen from First National B, six from First B, ten from Federal A, four from First C, and three from First D. From February 23 to June 1. A match was played in a neutral stadium and the thirty-two winners advanced to the next round.

Copa Argentina Round of 32

This stage was contested by the winners of the 32nd final. From June 8 to August 4 they played one match and sixteen winners advanced to the round of 16.

Round of 16

The winners of the 1/8 finals played in this stage. From 9 August to 15 September they played one match and eight winners advanced to the quarter-finals.

Copa Argentina Quarter Finals

The winners of the 1/8 finals played in this stage. On 27 and 28 September, they faced each other in a single match, with the four winners advancing to the semi-finals.

Copa Argentina The Semi-Finals

In this stage, the winning teams of the quarter-finals will play. They will compete on October 26, the winner of which will reach the final.

Copa Argentina The Final

The 2 semi-final winners will play in this stage. On October 30, they will fight at the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in the city of Mendoza.

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