Myanmar Channels

Myanmar Channels


Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a country in Southeast Asia with a rich cultural heritage and diverse population. The television industry in Myanmar has undergone significant changes in recent years, with a growing number of channels and platforms available for viewers. In this article, we will discuss the history, types, features, broadcast, cable TV, satellite TV channels, and streaming TV channels in Myanmar.

History of Myanmar TV Channels

The first television station in Myanmar, MRTV, was established in 1969 as a government-owned channel. Over the years, the television industry in Myanmar has seen many changes, including the introduction of private channels and the emergence of digital platforms. Today, there are over 20 TV channels in Myanmar, both free-to-air and pay TV.

Types of Myanmar TV Channels

There are several types of TV channels available in Myanmar, including

Free-to-air channels: These channels are available for free and can be accessed with a TV antenna. MRTV, MRTV-4, and Channel 7 are some of the popular free-to-air channels in Myanmar.

Pay TV channels: These channels require a subscription fee and offer a wider range of content, including international programs and movies. Skynet, MWD, and 5Network are some of the popular pay TV channels in Myanmar.

Digital channels: With the growth of digital platforms, several channels have emerged that offer online streaming services. These channels include Mizzima TV, Myawaddy TV, and DVB TV.

Features of Myanmar TV Channels

Myanmar TV channels offer a range of features to enhance the viewing experience, including:

Live broadcasting: Most channels offer live broadcasting of events, including sports, news, and entertainment programs.

Multi-language support: Some channels offer content in multiple languages, including English and Chinese.

Interactive features: Some channels offer interactive features, such as polls and quizzes, to engage viewers.

Broadcast, Cable TV, Satellite TV Channels, and Streaming TV Channels in Myanmar

Broadcast TV channels in Myanmar can be accessed through a TV antenna, while cable TV and satellite TV channels require a subscription fee. Streaming TV channels can be accessed through digital platforms, such as websites and mobile apps. Here are some of the popular TV channels in Myanmar:

MRTV-4: This free-to-air channel is owned by the government and offers a range of programs, including news, entertainment, and sports.

Skynet: This pay TV channel offers a range of international programs, including movies, TV series, and sports.

DVB TV: This digital channel offers online streaming services and covers news and current affairs.


Q: Are there any international TV channels available in Myanmar?

A: Yes, several international TV channels are available in Myanmar, including CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera.


Q: Can I access Myanmar TV channels outside of Myanmar?

A: Some channels offer online streaming services that can be accessed outside of Myanmar, while others may be restricted to viewers in Myanmar.


Q: What is the future of TV in Myanmar?

A: With the growth of digital platforms and the increasing demand for online content, the future of TV in Myanmar is likely to see a shift towards digital platforms and streaming services.


The television industry in Myanmar has come a long way since the establishment of the first TV station in 1969. With the emergence of private channels and digital platforms, viewers in Myanmar now have a wider range of TV channels and programs to choose from. Whether you prefer free-to-air channels, pay TV, or streaming services, there is something for everyone in Myanmar’s TV industry.