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Thailand referred to in the past as Siam and formally as the Kingdom of Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. It is situated at the focal point of the Indochinese Peninsula, traversing 513,120 square kilometers (198,120 sq mi), with a populace of very nearly 70 million individuals. Thailand is lined toward the north by Myanmar and Laos, toward the east by Laos and Cambodia, toward the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, and toward the west by the Andaman Sea and the southern limit of Myanmar. It additionally shares sea borders with Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand toward the southeast, and Indonesia and India on the Andaman Sea toward the southwest. Bangkok is the country’s capital and biggest city. Ostensibly, Thailand is a protected government and parliamentary vote-based system; notwithstanding, in late history, its administration has encountered numerous overthrows and times of military fascism.

Thai people groups moved from southwestern China to the central area of Southeast Asia from the eleventh century; the most established known notice of their essence in the district by the exonym Siamese dates to the twelfth century. Different Indianised realms like the Mon realms, Khmer Empire and Malay states managed the locale, contending with Thai states like the Kingdoms of Ngoenyang, Sukhothai, Lan Na and Ayutthaya, which matched one another. Reported European contact started in 1511 with a Portuguese strategic mission to Ayutthaya, which turned into a local force before the finish of the fifteenth century. Ayutthaya arrived at its top during cosmopolitan Narai’s rule, slowly declining from that point until being eventually annihilated in the 1767 Burmese–Siamese War. Taksin immediately reunified the divided domain and set up the fleeting Thonburi Kingdom. He was prevailed in 1782 by Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke, the main ruler of the current Chakri line.

All through the time of Western colonialism in Asia, Siam stayed the solitary country in the area to try not to be colonized by unfamiliar forces, in spite of the fact that it was normal compelled to surrender both areas and exchange concessions inconsistent settlements. The Siamese arrangement of government was concentrated and changed into an advanced unitary outright government in the rule of Chulalongkorn. In World War I, Siam agreed with the partners, a political choice to alter the inconsistent deals. Following a bloodless upset in 1932, it turned into an established government and changed its authority name to Thailand, which was a satellite of Japan in World War II. In the last part of the 1950s, a tactical overthrow under Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat resuscitated the government’s truly persuasive job in legislative issues. Thailand turned into a significant partner of the United States and assumed an enemy of the socialist party in the area as an individual from the bombed SEATO, however since 1975, had tried to further develop relations with Communist China and Thailand’s neighbors. Aside from a concise time of parliamentary popular government during the 1970s, Thailand has intermittently shifted back and forth among majority rules system and military standard. Since the 2000s, it has been trapped in a progression of severe political struggles among allies and rivals of Thaksin Shinawatra, which finished in two upsets, most as of late in 2014 and the foundation of its current and twentieth constitution and countenances the continuous favorable to vote based system fights.

Thailand is a central force in worldwide issues, and an establishing individual from ASEAN; positioning high in the Human Development Index. It has the second-biggest economy in Southeast Asia and the twentieth biggest on the planet by PPP. Thailand is named a recently industrialized economy; assembling, horticulture, and the travel industry are driving areas of the economy.

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