Pakistan News TV

Pakistan News TV

Pakistani News Channels: Keeping the Nation Informed


News channels play an essential role in any country’s development and growth. They are responsible for keeping the public informed about local and global news, providing insight into different perspectives, and giving a voice to the voiceless. Pakistan is home to several news channels that operate on different platforms, from cable TV to satellite TV to streaming TV. In this article, we will take a closer look at Pakistani news channels, their history, types, features, popular programs, and their impact on the nation.



Pakistan’s first-ever TV channel, PTV, was launched in 1964. However, private news channels were only introduced in 2002, after the government liberalized the media industry. Since then, several news channels have been launched, catering to different segments of society and operating on various platforms.

Pakistani News Channels:

There are several Pakistani news channels, each with its unique characteristics and programming. 

  1. Geo News
  2. ARY News
  3. Samaa TV
  4. Dunya News
  5. Express-News
  6. 92 News
  7. Bol News
  8. Hum News
  9. Neo News
  10. Such News
  11. Roze News
  12. Geo Tezz
  13. Kohi Noor News
  14. KTN News
  15. Kyber News
  16. Sindh News
  17. VSH News
  18. 24 News HD
  19. City News
  20. City 42
  21. City 41
  22. City 21
  23. Rohi
  24. Aab Takk News
  25. Aaj News
  26. Dawn News
  27. GNN
  28. GTV News
  29. Dawn News
  30. Public News


Pakistani news channels can be classified into two main types: Urdu news channels and English news channels. Urdu news channels cater to the majority of the Pakistani population who speak Urdu as their native language, while English news channels target the English-speaking population.


Pakistani news channels offer a range of features, including breaking news, analysis, commentary, talk shows, and documentaries. They cover a broad range of topics, from politics and current affairs to entertainment and sports. Many news channels also have their websites and social media pages where viewers can access news and programs online.

Popular Programs:

Some of the most popular programs on Pakistani news channels include:

  1. Capital Talk (Geo News)
  2. Off the Record (ARY News)
  3. Nadeem Malik Live (Samaa TV)
  4. Hasb-e-Haal (Dunya News)
  5. Kal Tak (Express-News)

Cable TV:

Cable TV is a popular platform for Pakistani news channels, with millions of viewers across the country accessing news and programs through cable TV.

Satellite TV:

Satellite TV is another platform for Pakistani news channels, providing a broader reach and accessibility to viewers across the globe.

Streaming TV:

Streaming TV has also become popular in Pakistan, with many news channels launching their streaming services. This platform allows viewers to watch their favorite programs on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, providing flexibility and convenience.


Q: Are Pakistani news channels biased?

A: Like any news channel in the world, Pakistani news channels may have biases, but they are required to adhere to ethical and professional standards.

Q: Can I watch Pakistani news channels online?

A: Yes, many Pakistani news channels have their websites and social media pages where viewers can watch news and programs online.


Pakistani news channels play a vital role in keeping the nation informed and educated about local and global news. They operate on different platforms, from cable TV to satellite TV to streaming TV, providing flexibility and convenience to viewers. With their diverse programming, Pakistani news channels cater to different segments of society, reflecting the country’s cultural, linguistic, and socio-economic diversity.