Jupiler Pro League

Belgian First Division A, Jupiler Pro League or 1A Pro League (formally Jupiler Pro League (Dutch pronunciation) for sponsorship reasons with AB InBev’s Jupiler brewer) since the 2015–16 season, the top league There is competition. Association football in Belgium was contested by 18 clubs from the 2020-21 season, reduced to 16 teams for the 2023-24 season, with the Belgian First Division B working on a promotion and relegation system. in each regular season, and then entering Playoffs I or Playoffs II depending on their position in the regular season. Playoffs I (also known as the Championship Playoffs, Title Playoffs, or Champions Playoffs) are contested by the top four clubs from the regular season, with each club playing each other twice. . Play-off II (also known as Europa League Play-offs or Europe Playoffs) The team in 18th place is directly relegated.

Jupiler Pro League

The competition was created in 1895 by the Royal Belgian Football Association and was first won by FC Lejeois. Since its creation, 16 of the 74 clubs that have competed in the first division have been crowned champions of Belgium. RSC Anderlecht is the most successful league club with 34 titles, followed by Club Brugge KV (18), Union Saint-Galois (11), and Standard Liege (10). It is currently ranked eighth in the UEFA league based on performance in European competitions over the last five years. The competition was ranked third when UEFA first published its rankings in 1979 and the following year in 1980. Me too, which is the best-ever ranking in the Belgian top division.

Until 2015, a relegation playoff was played between the teams that finished 15th and 16th after the regular season. It consisted of five matches between the two teams. The 15th-ranked team started the playoffs with 3 points, while the 16th-ranked team started with zero. The loser of the relegation play-off is relegated to the Second Division. The winner of this tiebreaker would enter the final round of the Belgian second division along with 3 teams from the second division. The winner of this last day played in the First Division the following season.

In 2015, the relegation play-off ceased to exist, as the 16th-ranked team is now directly relegated, while the 15th-ranked team participates in the Europa League play-offs. The 2015–16 Belgian Pro League was an exception, as the 15th-placed team did not participate in any playoffs during that season, with the team’s season ending after the regular season.

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